Typical of the Lazio region, Porchetta is one of the Italian street foods.

Alpharetta italians
It consists of a whole
pig, boned and very well seasoned, roasted on a skewer for 2 to 5 hours.
Once ready, it is cut into thin slices and served with bread. In every fair of typical Italian food
that is worth it, there is Porchetta. It’s national passion and my husband loves it!
Trippa alla Romana
One of the most popular and oldest typical Italian foods. It is the double (or tripod) of the
Italians, typical of Rome and it is customary to eat it on Saturdays.
It is made with a good stomach (or stomach, as you prefer), tomato sauce, pecorino cheese,
onion, garlic, carrots and is scented with Roman mint. They say it is very tasty, but this dish, I
Also visit Francesinha de Portugal: typical food from Porto.
Typical Italian food: desserts
Let’s talk about Italian sweets and desserts, which we like so much.
Of course, we had to start with the famous Italian gelato. It is one of the most famous typical
Italian foods and adored all over the world.
When it was created, it was a dessert restricted to nobles and was served in 1533 at the
wedding of Catarina de Médicis (Italian) and Henrique II (French), in Paris. It must have been
there that the adoration for ice cream began, which is popular all over the world.
To taste the best gelattos in Italy, look for artisanal gelaterias, the very small ones. In these
places is where we find the best quality, everything homemade.