As we said, the function of each environment and the conditions to which it is exposed influence the choice of the type of paint

Learn about the main ones below: This product is water-based, which ensures
less odor and faster drying. It is suitable for indoor and dry spaces — which
require little maintenance — as it is not resistant to humidity .
It is produced in a matte finish only. Discreet and porous, it’s ideal for checking
out imperfections, but dirt can be more easily impregnated. It is mostly used
on ceilings and walls . It is also water-based, but has, in its composition, acrylic
resins that make it waterproof, more resistant and, consequently, more
expensive than latex. It is suitable for kitchens , bathrooms and any other
rooms that are wet or subject to humidity, in addition, of course, to external
It can be manufactured with a matte , semi-gloss or satin
finish ( mostly used on walls). It can be water-based or solvent-based, which
is more resistant. It is suitable for painting wood or metal and has
a matte , satin or glossy finish – which does not hide imperfections. Can be
applied indoors and outdoors. Infinity Pro professional interior painting services