Start with a combination of flour and water, then increase.

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Add a little egg and a little olive
oil, beat everything in a food processor and dough forms. (Tip: When you start dropping from
the processor side, it will be ready.) Then use simple logic. If the dough becomes too sticky,
add the flour; if it is too dry, add water. Let the dough rest, open and chop. It’s so simple.
Whether you decide to make your own, starting with simple pasta is a great way to bring

Italy’s flavours to the table. Try recipes that have only two or three ingredients, make a five-
minute sauce and start from there. “Listen to your taste buds. If you say to brighten up the

taste of anchovy, do it. To make a lighter meal, add vegetables like broccoli sprouts,” says
Bastianich. It’s flexible science.
Finally, remember that good Italian food begins to shop. Make quality ingredients a priority
when bringing Italian cuisine to your kitchen. And when you find the food you like, continue
with it. “Practice until you do it with your heart and hands – just like the Italians.”