Rated power

Rated power is the power that the electric motor can deliver, within its rated characteristics, in a continuous mode. According to the concept of nominal power it is the maximum required power of a machine or apparatus in normal use, this expresses that the device is designed to resist that amount of energy, however, due to variations in the same, overuse or continuous, or that are not determined, makes the actual power may differ from nominal, being higher or lower.

We know that the motor can drive power loads much higher than its rated power until it reaches the maximum torque. What will happen, however, is that if this overload is too high marathon electric and a power too high is required from the engine for which it was designed, normal heat will be exceeded and engine life will be reduced and it can burn quickly . It must always be borne in mind that the requested power of the motor will be defined by the characteristics of the load, ie regardless of the power of the motor, ie for a requested load of 800cv of a motor, for example, regardless of whether the motor is 600cv or 1000cv, the requested power to the engine will be 800cv.