Manual Reversal Bipolar Switch

To turn on and off a motor, keys are necessary. Manual reversing switches are applied to auxiliary phase single phase motors and are commercially available in various models from different manufacturers. However, the important thing is to choose a key that receives the characteristics of the power of the engine browning ncs1284 , providing safety of operation and that has three positions.

Manual reversing bipolar switch is a switching device for auxiliary phase single phase motors, which rotates in both directions (clockwise and counterclockwise). It is made of a lever that has a cylindrical metal rod with thread at the ends and a spherical piece of bakelite or ebonite screwed into one of its ends.

With the lever to the left, the motor shaft rotates in a certain direction, with the lever in the center, the motor does not move and with the lever to the right, the shaft rotates in a directed direction. The metal shaft lined with insulation material; two L-shaped movable metal contacts, six fixed metal contacts; metal box; bar made of ebonite or phenolite insulation material and metal lid with holes for fixing to the carton.