Family tradition, nature, artisanal production and modernity. An experience that goes beyond gastronomic pleasures.

In the kitchen, our chef, Cristiano Campos, proposes to revive the affective memory through
flavors. On the menu, a unique proposal of our Italian cuisine fatto a mano: light dishes, with a
mixture of fresh ingredients straight from the farm and from the sea to the table, as well as
imported products, selected from Italy.
As the protagonist, the brace & mare connection (the ember and the seafood), with touches of
daring, but always following the uncomplicated proposal of our chef.
And all this prepared in a familiar, accogliente and real environment, under generous trees and
a large space of more than 2 thousand m2 in length to provide the experience of the real Italian
The project, signed by the architect Beth Nejm, combines the rustic style with the industrial
trend, and is divided into 6 spaces: a space for the little ones, called Villa Bambini, where they
can enjoy fresh fruit at will; the Giardino, under shady trees; and Terrazzo, with its privileged
view from the deck.
We also prepare comfortable indoor spaces, Primo and Secondo, in addition to the charming
wait at Attesa. All environments packed with classics of Italian popular music with jazz and
bossa nova tones.