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Comrades, I used to be like that. I left to travel with all the restaurants
on the route duly researched — some even reserved. He invented trips
around restaurants. He made a point of killing as many trendy
restaurants as he could, mixing Michelin stars with incensed ones in
posh magazines.
I stopped. First, because I stopped being rich, but also because, in
2008, I took a truly transformative journey. I spent three months in 8
major cities in Europe (ending in New York) renting apartments. By
renting out flats, the immediate neighborhood where I was staying took
on another importance. And suddenly eating at that nice restaurant on
the other block that caught my attention when I passed was more fun
than getting reservations at a top restaurant.
Since then I’ve been relying more on my putter, with a very usable rate
of hits (and misses that hurt less in your pocket). Of course, I still
season my trips with one or another more trendy restaurant
(hello, Desperate !) or more gastronomic; but the vast majority of
meals are decided upon arrival, with an emphasis on location: what
part of town do I want to return to tonight? See what’s there… Italian restaurants in downtown alpharetta