This creates familiarity and is also a kind of distraction.

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It’s much more interesting when your audience has a way of interacting
with food.
Take this as one of the qualities of a restaurant and test it on yours,
especially if you have a concept that resembles a restaurant and
The next tip for restaurants is important to measure the quality of the
restaurant, so don’t forget the dishes.
It may seem silly to some people, but the dishes will count as one of
the qualities of a restaurant.

Washed crockery represents organization, and customers like well-
kept and clean utensils, especially in an era where everything

becomes a post on social media.
Try to use a set of dishes that match your kitchen and your
According to a study by the University of Oxford, UK, the colors and
material of dishes and cutlery can influence the taste and aroma of
Look for quality equipment that can give the customer a good
experience. Have a personalized service for your customer. Make him
feel special and not just another one.